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NEWS: Simon Respondz is a fraud,u guys should avoid him

Posted by on March 31, 2021 0

In the late hours of Monday, a looking hungry fool who goes by the name Simon Respondz took to his Facebook timeline and posted a photo of me (Solowhizkid) saying that “I borrowed a shoe”

The fact about the story is that

Simon Came for holiday during the Christmas festive period and when it was time to go back he did not have the transport money to take him back to Lagos again, so he decided to sale his one and only Shoe to a friend (Storiz), the truth about the matter is that Storiz decided to sale the shoe to Me (Solowhizkid)

And when I wore the shoe , Respondz was jealous and decided to say some stupid things ….

Let me give u facts about Respondz

The guy is a lonely and Homeless human being who is staying in someone else apartment, the parents care very poor to the extent that they can’t afford a daily meal, instead of Respondz to focus on the minni Yahoo he is learning in Lagos so that he can get a little money and at least feed the family , the little amount of money he got he used it in buying a phone that he don’t even know how to operate

Another thing about Respondz is that, he is also HIV Positive according to the reliable source reaching me ,

It came to my notice that , the virus has been with him since childhood

Back to the story of Respondz saying that I borrowed a shoe,

Simon Respondz posted a picture of a shoe he screenshoted on Jumia marketing platform claiming that he bought the shoe

My little advice to the hungry and looking fool “Respondz” is that he should better come back to village and help the parents to farm against the upcoming hunger that might wipe his whole generation

Than him posting some stupid shoes he screenshoted on Jumia marketing platform and claiming that the he bought them

The word is enough for the wise ….

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